Material Lab has completed prestigious projects across the UAE; with a professional team of engineers and technical talents. We are able to perform an extensive range of geotechnical and geophysical investigations onshore and offshore.

Geotechnical Services

Material Lab offers a complete service for onshore, offshore and nearshore Geotechnical investigation. Material Lab acquires geotechnical and other data to prepare analytical models to achieve optimum solutions from the client’s requirements. Data is collected using a variety of methods ranging from conventional drilling techniques, cone penetration testing (CPT), surveying techniques, geophysical methods, etc.
Our Geotechnical services include the following activities:
• Drilling of boreholes for foundation design of structures, villas, buildings multi story towers, bridges, roads, and pipelines (petroleum & drainage) etc.
• Onshore and Offshore cone penetration test (CPT) and recommendations for ground improvement.
• Pressure meter testing
• Packer (Lugeon) testing
• Electrical resistivity testing
• Pile integrity testing
• Topographic / level surveying
• Environmental geotechnical investigation
• Seismic risk studies
• Acoustic tele viewer
• Jean Lutz drilling parameters

Geophysical Investigations

Material Lab Testing Services provides innovative geophysical solutions to geotechnical and environmental problems. Geophysical surveys are deployed to provide physical properties of the subsurface, which could only otherwise be obtained through intrusive inspection or excavation. Geophysical investigations can provide substantial cost savings when compared to traditional blind site investigations as the risks of unknown site issues are vastly reduced.
The division offers a broad range of geophysical measurements to aid in the subsurface characterization of geologic conditions and potential hazards.

• MASW (Multi-channel Analysis of Surface Waves)
• ReMi(Refraction Microtremor)
• Seismic Refraction Tomography
• Seismic Downhole
• Seismic Cross-hole
• Electrical Resistivity Imaging
• Ground Penetrating Radar

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